Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to MBC?
We are conveniently located on FM 95 just south of Highway 7 in Martinsville. From Center, travel approx. 18 miles west on Hwy 7 and you will turn left on to Fm 95. From Nacogdoches we are approx. 13 miles east from the loop and you will turn right onto FM 95. From Chireno we are 10 miles north on Hwy 95 just befroe you come to Hwy 7. From Garrison you take Hwy 95 south, come to where FM 95 comes to Hwy 7, turn right and then make an immediate left on to FM 95. 

Where do I go when I get there?
Once you have arrived, we recommend that you enter the north main doors (double glass doors) to the Sanctuary. The other doors may be hard to access because of the construction that is going on.

Where do my children go?
Martinsville  has a ministry for everyone. Our experienced childcare staff take care of your children while you are immersed in services and bible studies. The nursery is located in the far right corner of the New Building. Come through the sanctuary and take the door to the right of the stage area. Follow that hallway straight back and the Nursery will be the first classroom that you come to. We also have Sunday school classes for children ages 4- 12th grade. These classes are located in the central and north ends of the connecting buildings.

What do I wear?
We want you to be comfortable when you come through our doors. If that means that you wear a suit and tie or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you will still feel at home with us.

Can I meet the pastor?
Absolutely! Our pastor, Don Gallatin looks forward to visiting with all our visitors. He can be found in the foyer of the sanctuary immediately following each service. You may also call the church for a visit anytime during the week.

I don't own a bible, do I need to get one before I come?
We have bibles available for use during your time at Martinsville Baptist. We ask that you please leave them in the church so that they may be available to others. If you need guidance in getting a bible of your own, we can definitely help you! Don't hesitate to ask any staff member.

Is the Church part of a local, state or national Association?

Yes, yes, and yes. MBC is part of the local association through the Schelby-Doches Association. On a state level we are associated with the SBTC (the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention). And at the National level we are Associated with the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention).

I have questions about or suggestions for the church website. How do I contact the webmaster?

Our webmaster is Chad Huckaby. He can be contacted at chad@martinsvillebc.com. He checks his email regularly and will be more than willing to address any comments or concerns you may have.

I have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ. How can I go about getting them answered?

You can contact the church via the contact form on this website, through our Facebook page,or by phone at (936)-552-7884 during regular weekday hours.