Phase Two: Fellowship Hall

Martinsville Baptist Church is happy to announce the beginning of our second phase of construction. In this project, the main focus will be on converting the former sanctuary into a 140 seat fellowship hall with full kitchen (two double sinks, upper and lower cabinets, a refrigerator, dish washer, free standing range, two built in ovens, and a 3'X20' serving bar). The fellowship hall will have a new suspended ceiling in it and the new Air Conditioners will be placed in the attic above. This project will be paid for by the money that the Lord has already provided and the monies that He will provide. The church has chosen to not go in debt for this project. We are believing by faith the Lord that owns the cattle on a thousand hills has the money and the people to see this project to completion DEBT FREE!!! If the Lord lays it on your heart to help, either financially or physically, in the Endeavour please contact the church and we would be glad to show you where you can help. For floor plans and pictures please look at the additional links.